The BS Thesis defenses will take place on Monday, December 9, 2019.

Defense Times
(Dec 9, 2019)
Student Thesis Title Adviser Examiner 1 Examiner 2
9:00-10:00am (F204)Estrada, Viron GilDiffraction of vortex beams from Hadamard coded aperture Hermosa Cabello Taguba
9:00-10:00am (F205)Salazar, KloudeneStructural and optical studies of Fe3+-doped ZnO microstructures Sarmago Abregana Miranda
10:30-11:30am (F204)Alemania, MarielleDeposition of aluminum thin films on glass substrate via thermal evaporation Garcia Aguilar Ramoso
10:30-11:30am (F205)Operana, Jared JoshuaObservation of Goos-Hanchen Shifts in low-loss dielectrics Hermosa De Los Reyes Singidas
10:30-11:30am (F206)Guevarra, ChristianCo-occurrence network analysis of Filipino Translated text posted on Facebook Tapang Dumigpe Rillera
1-2pm (F204)Juan, Rhei Joven License Plate Detection and Recognition in Challenging Conditions Soriano Cabanilla Zambale
1-2pm (F205)Velez, JoshuaPredicting the segregation of vertically and periodically-shaken confined binary granular mixtures from the center-of-mass flight times of each component Saloma Galit Onglao
2:30-3:30pm (F204)Urbano, KryssEffect of region size without spin in a 2D Ising system Banzon Bernardo Nunez
2:30-3:30pm (F205)Abesa, AlvaroDesign, construction and operation of a vacuum thermal evaporator for metal thin film deposition Garcia Husay Salvador

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Undergraduate Thesis Seminar Schedule (1S AY 2019-2020)

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