The National Institute of Physics (NIP) welcomes the opportunity to guide High School students in their Investigative Projects (IPs). The objective is to introduce young students to a refined view of science and provide them with meaningful experience.

For this program, Doing Science for Science Sake, is an all encompassing theme. We encourage original proposals.

Send your project proposals for evaluation and get a chance to work with NIP and its facilities. It is always an advantage to identify an NIP Professor who might be able to guide the students in the conduct of the project. Those interested in pursuing investigations with NIP are encouraged to go through the guidelines below.

  1. Submit a project proposal to the professor you have identified who might be able to help. The professor will then help you refine your proposal for approval by the NIP. If you are not able to identify a professor send the proposal to the Director of the NIP and your proposal will be announced to the NIP faculty. The proposal should state:
    • Subject of the investigation and relevance
    • Reasons and Motivations for undertaking the investigations
    • Methods to be used and the reason for its use.
    • Duration and anticipated expenditures
  2. Your proposal must be accompanied by a formal letter of request from the highest approving authority of your school indicating:
    • Why the activity is required by the school and to what end the project may be carried to
    • The extent of logistic and financial support your school is willing to extend to your project
    • The extent of academic support and guidance you will receive from your school advisers
    • Its willingness to acknowledge the contribution of the NIP and willingness to share with NIP all honors, citations, etc., that may be accorded to the project.
  3. Additional requirements:
    • Together with the students, the high school student adviser must present the project proposal to the NIP.
    • The adviser must accompany the students, at all times, during the course of their work at NIP.
    • In case your IP proposal is approved, your Parents/Guardians and school must issue a statement that the National Institute of Physics and the University of the Philippines shall not be liable for any accidents or body injuries, including death, occurring to you and for any loss of your personal property while in the premises of the University.
    • You may not be allowed to include the IP as an entry to a science contest!

You will be notified of the extent of NIP support for your project upon approval. This approval may include certain conditions that you may have to agree to or bind yourself with before you can proceed. Clearly indicate the contact details for notification of the approval.