The National Institute of Physics also extends to students about to finish a baccalaureate degree a possibility to be immersed in research through an on-the-job-training (OJT) program. Students in this immersion program are given the opportunity to participate in actual research by being part of the team that produce samples, man machines, do calculations and simulations, and make reports. Students interested in participating in the immersion program must accomplish and submit the following documents directly to the NIP Deputy Director for Research and Extension (email: use “Undergraduate OJT in NIP Application 2019” as Subject line).

  1. A letter of intent indicating your preferred OJT start and end dates with its duration (and period of availability should your preferred schedule cannot be accommodated), research activity and expectations. It should also indicate at least three areas of interest (list group according to priority of interest);
    • Instrumentation Physics Group
    • Photonics Research Group
    • Theoretical Physics Group
    • Condensed Matter Physics Group – Semiconductor
    • Condensed Matter Physics Group – Superconductor
    • Structure and Dynamics Group. Details regarding these research groups can be found by following this link. Your final assignment will depend on the availability of each group in accepting interns.
  2. A letter of support from the highest approving authority from your school indicating why you need to go through an OJT. Your school must also be willing to undertake a MOA/MOU and OJT agreement with the University of the Philippines and our Institute.
  3. Updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with picture (ID Size)
  4. Transcript of record/certified or true copy of grades
  5. At least two(2) letters of recommendation from your teachers [NIP recommendation form*]
  6. For students from other autonomous U.P. units, a cross enrollment may be required.

You will be notified of the extent of NIP support for your OJT upon approval. This approval may include certain conditions that you may have to agree to or bind yourself with before you can proceed.

The National Institute of Physics is only open for public visits and laboratory tours during the College of Science Week usually held on the month of February. The weeklong NIP open house features lectures and exhibits.

*- adapted from CS Recommendation Form.