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NIP PhD TEACHING POSITION for 2nd Semester and Midyear Term, Academic Year 2020 – 2021

The National Institute of Physics is open for applications to a PhD teaching position for 2nd Semester and Mid-Year Terms, Academic Year 2020 – 2021. The employment duration is January to August 2021.

Application Details

  • Minimum Qualification :
  • PhD degree in Physics or Applied Physics or equivalent.

Submission of the following documents via email to ddaa@nip.upd.edu.ph and director@nip.upd.edu.ph
1) Letter of Application and Intent, addressed to Dr. Wilson Garcia, NIP Director
2) Diploma/Certificate of Completion/Graduation (If Available or To Follow)
3) Recommendation Letter from Current or Previous Employer/Supervisor
4) Photocopy of Transcript of Records (If Available or To Follow), or True Copy of Grades (If Available or To Follow), or CRS Print out
5) Submission of Grades in spreadsheet form (Excel or LibreOffice)
– Column Labels should include (a) Course Name, (b) Course Title, (c) No. of Units, (d) Grade and (e) Remarks
6) Form NIP-TEACH-001 (form can be downloaded from http://www.nip.upd.edu.ph or requested from ddaa@nip.upd.edu.ph)


  • Rolling Evaluation and Acceptance
  • Last Day of Application : 15 December 2020, 12:00 NN