Program Coordinator: Reinabelle C. Reyes, Ph.D.

The Gravity, Astronomy, Nuclear and Particle Physics Group (GANAP) is the only research group in the Philippines dedicated to exploring these specialized fields. Our focus is deeply rooted in fundamental theory, while harnessing the power of data analysis and machine learning techniques to gain insights into the mysteries of the natural world and to unearth novel phenomena. Within our group, aspiring researchers and students receive comprehensive training in a diverse array of analytical and computational tools, empowering them to contribute significantly to our fields of study. Members of GANAP belong to the ATLAS Collaboration in CERN and the Asian Nuclear Physics Association.

Research Areas: gravitational physics; relativistic astrophysics: black holes, gravitational waves, and cosmology; nonlinear dynamics and chaos; applications of geometry in physics; hadron physics; nuclear structure; application of deep learning in nuclear and hadron physics; amplitude analysis; high energy physics; particle physics phenomenology; collider physics; physics beyond the Standard Model; data-driven astrophysics and cosmology; applications of machine learning in astrophysics; applications of white noise analysis in astrophysics.